Colorful Colorado


Hey guys, this is my first post! I just want to share my experience of hiking around the state that helped expedite the ‘Greenrush’- Colorado.

So last October ’16 I finally had the chance to go take a road trip with a friend across the country. This had always been a thing that I wanted to do, so when it was decided upon at such spontaneous notice, we just had to go.

This trip started out in good ‘ol Chicago, IL and ended up in Avon, CO- around a hour outside of Breckenridge. The road trip down there was great. My friend Stan* and I had traveled together before, but this was the first time that we’d be stuck in a car together longer than four hours. Long car rides like this can make or break a friendship, guys and guess what? We made it through! The hours flew by as we drove up through Iowa and down into Nebraska, the state of never ending cornfields and factory farms. We came prepared with the best playlists we could come up with- I preferred a mix of all 80’s and rock while Stan brought his extensive collection of underground electronic jams.

Well, enough of the car ride. I know you’re probably wondering- what about ‘Rado?? Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Apparently, the beautiful golden aspen trees reach their peak during a 2-3 week time period in the fall and we arrived right in the midst of it. Imagine winding mountain roads dwarfed by towering golden aspens that drop a silky road of golden coin-like leaves. Yeah, pretty awe-inspiring, I know.

We only had five full days in this beautiful state, until we had to start the drive back to the heart of the Midwest so our plan was to enjoy this state to the absolute fullest. Now Stan had never been to Colorado before and I have been a regular visitor during winter trips riding that gnar with the fam (shout out to my fellow lady boarders out there). With this in mind, we were both newcomers to autumn out west. We went hiking nearly every single day around Vail and Breck, got substantially lost on some unmarked trails while discovering beautiful hidden lakes and waterfalls, and drove a few hours out to Strawberry Park Hot Springs to ease our beat up muscles by the end of the week.

It was simply an amazing experience to go hiking and really not see many people on the trails. October is Colorado’s “off” season, so anyone we did see were locals or transplants. Man, did we see a ton of dogs! Yes, I pet all of them and basically visualized by future life of moving out west with my own dog in tow. All the fresh air, incredible skyscape completely full of bright stars as far as the eye can see and just the overall vibe of the people really is something to remember and look forward to with every visit.

Colorado, we’ll be back.

Signing off,

*Name changed to protect privacy.
Disclaimer: All images are property of Tricia M. 

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